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Why Does Horror Appeal To Us? Or Not

Either you are a horror movie fan or you are not. There are no two ways about it. As horror movie junkies, we are often bothered by the question, how do some people skip being a fan of the genre. To answer this question we did some research and talked to few people.

Rashmi Singh, a housewife in her middle forties and a mother of two, said horror movies make her physically uncomfortable as she is a patient of hypertension and she starts palpitating while watching horror films.

Interestingly, Rupa Roy Chowdhury [Age : 39], an industrialist, hates horror movies because it makes her emotionally uncomfortable and she keeps seeing disturbing images for the next few days. Same reason is applicable for Karthik J [Age:26].

On the other hand, people who are horror movie fans, have confessed to be strangely relieved by living inside someone else's concocted anxiety. A young millennial couple who desired to be not named, mentioned that they watch horror films to relax after a long stressful day at work.

Psychiatrists often say that this "relaxation" comes from the "Excitation Transfer Process". While watching horror films, blood circulation, respiration and heart rate increases. Even after the movie is over, the physical stimulation, though unknowingly, continues. This gives a happy feeling due to Adrenalin rush for being terrified even though they are in a completely safe environment.

Also, horror movies are considered to be novelty because they project disruption in everyday routine. The change they bring about in mundane life with chaos that don't affect us, gives serenity in an odd way.

People who don't like disruptions or are very strictly routine oriented are often found averse to horror movies. Though there are exceptions as no two people are same and even a disciplinarian can seek comfort in a good old horror movie with a bowl of popcorn!


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