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Relationship between horror and darkness

Have you ever wondered why do we switch off the lights while watching a horror movie, or why do we feel scared while entering a dark room? Why does not our mind play tricks with us in daylight or in a well-lit place? Well, the answer is both simple and complex.

Darkness has some amount of mystery attached with it. It is unknown and uncharted territory, we don't know what lies within it. The fear of the unknown plays a major role in adding to the mystery of it.

However, what if we don't talk of something so simple, what if we look beyond the usual theories and delve deeper? Light, airiness and cleanliness have immense effect on our emotional well-being. Negative forces are often said to be working in full throttle in houses which are gloomy, unkempt and cluttered. Why so? The key element is the mind which often works in mysterious ways.

For example, let us try and think of a horror movie in which light didn't play a crucial role. Almost all horror movies have dark, goth lighting as a mood setter. This is a case of typical conditioning where our mind perceives a brightly lit area as a safe and happy space and grimly lit ones as something to be afraid of.

We urge you to think of a horror movie, of any genre, which had a different color tone. If there is any, we would love to know and discuss about it in our upcoming blog, so either drop in a message or write in the comments section.

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