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How To Survive A Horror Movie When You Are Home Alone

So you are home alone and terribly bored, maybe/ What do you do? I tend to watch a good old horror movie! Why? As the popular internet joke says; if you are feeling lonely, try watching a horror movie. You won't feel so lonely after a while. No, honestly, try watching one the next time you are alone at home. But keep this survival note handy!

Snack it up!

Food is the best option to keep you busy and a little distracted from whatever gory happening on screen. Also, you feel less afraid when you are full. Scientific fact, no kidding! Plus, this gives you a feel of novelty and this splurging has a long time feel good effect on your tummy and soul.

Keep water bottles handy!

Watching all that supernatural action is going to make you feel parched up as your metabolism will be faster. Keep yourself hydrated. I can think of another good reason to keep the water source handy. If you don't have them handy, imagine going to fetch water from the kitchen after you have finished watching the movie!

Phone a friend!

If you are done watching the movie all by yourself and now can't figure out why you needed to do that, calling up a friend is of some comfort. The comfort that can obtained from another human being is huge and is proven. So have a hearty laugh with someone you connect. But beware of calling a prankster in your friend list. They might scare you further.

Keep the lights on!

Well, this works for me and I am sure this would work for you too. If the food was not of comfort, if the friend you phoned is not keeping you good company or for as much as time you want it, go for this one. Till now have you watched a horror movie where the ghosts have attached in broad daylight? Or where the ambient light is high? Never! Why they don't do so is the matter of discussion of another day.

We plan to take things up a notch from next week onward. We shall be discussing what is the reason for ghost attacks only in dark, gloomy places.


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